The best alcohol free beers for your fertility journey 



Looking for the best alcohol free beers to help you navigate Dry Jan and your fertility journey? We’ve got you covered. We know that alcohol can impact male fertility – but going booze free shouldn’t mean sacrificing on taste. From a chocolatey stout to a tropical IPA, here’s our definitive list of beverages that will keep your sperm healthy – and keep hangovers at bay. 


BrewDog – Punk AF

BrewDog were one of the first breweries to take craft beer mainstream, so it’s no surprise that their alcohol free range is insanely popular. Many people are fans of Nanny State, but we love this sperm friendly version of their flagship beer! Like Zero Five, it’s brewed with a low alcohol percentage – rather than removing the alcohol and damaging the flavour. If you like your beers with a piney aftertaste – this one is for you. 


Beavertown – Lazer Crush

If you’re looking for a IPA that packs a punch, then look no further than Beavertown’s Later Crush. It’s got that craft ale feel you know and love, but without the sperm damaging alcohol. There’s something a bit fruity about this beer – probably down to the tropical notes of peach and mango – making it the perfect thirst quencher on a balmy evening. 


 Lucky Saint – Beer 0.5% Unfiltered 

Lucky Saint is on its way to becoming the UK’s favourite alcohol-free beer. Not only does it have a rich, maltier flavour than many of the other beers in this sector (and regular alcoholic beer for that matter), but it’s also really one where you won’t notice the lack of booze. It’s popping up in draft form in many an independent pub – so keep an eye out for it if you want to enjoy a night out without the hangover. 


Harvey’s – Old Ale

A lot of alcohol free beer tends to be pretty light, but if you want to come over to the dark side, let us introduce you to Harvey’s Old Ale. Coming from one of the oldest breweries in the UK, the AF version is brewed to the exactly same recipe as their original beer – it might not be quite as full bodied, but it’s pretty close. 

Nirvana – Sutra Pale Ale

Nirvana offers something a little different – a brewery actually dedicated to alcohol-free beer! You’d hope with their attention solely on AF beverages they would pass the taste test, and this IPA doesn’t disappoint. Sutra is big on both aroma and flavour and If you like this, you should try their Pale Ale called Karma (see what they did there?) 


Big Drop – Galactic Milk Stout

Another brewery leading the way in dedicated alcohol-free brewing is Big Drop. Aside from their cool artwork, the brand offers a range of AF beers but this stout really stands out. With hints of roasted malt and chocolate, it’s a little on the sweet side, but we’re not mad at that. It’s definitely one of the best alcohol free stout’s out there. 


Thornbridge – Zero Five

If you’re looking for a sure fire sign of quality, it’s about dedication. Thornbridge threw out over 60,000 bottles whilst perfecting the recipe for Zero Five – so you know they were on a mission to create the best alcohol free beer around! This American style pale ale is brewed at a low alcohol content to avoid processes to remove the alcohol – as they can impact the flavour.


Guinness 0.0

Is there anything like a thick, creamy pint of Guinness? We think not. You might be concerned that the fertility friendly version loses some of its body and texture, but we’re happy to report that’s not the case. Brewed using a new cold filtration process, they’ve somehow managed to make it taste just like like the real deal – just without the alcohol. We’re pretty sure in a blind taste test, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. 


Erdinger alkoholfrei 0.5%

If you like wheat beer, you’re going to love this. Not only is it better for both you and your sperm, but it has that great banana flavour wheat beer aficionados will be familiar with. Available at lots of pubs, it’s the perfect alcohol free beer for a night out and it works really well over ice with a slice of lemon – trust us.  


Infinite Session – Pils

The can proclaims this beer to be ‘infinitely sessionable’ and we agree. Pils is a challenge to get right, even with alcohol, so the clean crispy taste of this beer is seriously impressive. The brewery also has a pale ale and an IPA in it’s locker – but for us this sperm friendly lager is the stand out. 


Heineken 0.0%

Even if Heineken isn’t your first choice of big brand lagers, if you’re cutting back on booze to improve fertility – this is definitely worth a go. It’s really clean and doesn’t have the sweetness or synthetic tastes of some of it’s competitors – and the best part is it’s available pretty much anywhere. It also only contains 1g of sugar per 100ml – making it healthier as well as sperm friendly. 


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