The Best Fertility Podcasts For Men


On the hunt for the best fertility podcasts for men? We’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re driving, cleaning or taking the dog for a walk, your favourite podcast can entertain and educate you on the go. There’s so much to learn and even more to think about when trying to become a parent. So, podcasts can be a great way to get a bunch of information and support in a bite-size, manageable way.

Here we’ve rounded up our favourite podcasts that are perfect for getting information you can trust or a male perspective on the journey of trying to conceive.


Total Fertility Podcast 



Dr Ed Coats is a Fertility Specialist and Co-Founder of Total Fertility – a fantastic website that brings together information and resources to help you on your fertility journey. Ed recently launched a podcast of the same name – and it’s just as enriching as the site. 

Each week Ed chats to experts and changemakers in the fertility space, to discuss key topics impacting those trying to get pregnant. From travelling abroad for IVF to the impact of the Covid-19 Vaccine on your fertility, Ed and his guests share to the point information you can trust. They have some episodes dedicated to male fertility coming up later in the year – and Ed will even be chatting to our founder Morten Ulsted about the importance of testing. 


The Fertility Podcast



Fertility Forumla Specialist Natalie Silverman and Fertility Nurse Kate Davies co-host the Fertility Podcast – one of the most far-reaching and well-established podcasts in the space. 

The ethos of the Fertility Podcast – and all the work Natalie and Kate do – is education, empowerment and support. Natalie herself faced a difficult road to motherhood and understands how overwhelming and isolating it can be to try to get your head around all things fertility. The podcast shares expert advice and real-life experiences of infertility so you finish every episode bursting with useful knowledge and feeling less alone. They recently chatted to friends of ExSeed Kevin Button and Shaun of Knackered Knackers about their experience of male infertility – two must-listen episodes for anyone in the same boat!  


The Lunatics Do IVF


best fertility podcasts for men


If you like your fertility podcasts with a side of funny, then The Lunatics Do IVF is for you. After a difficult start to their fertility journey, couple Craig and Alix Malcolm decided to start a podcast earlier this year – just as they started IVF. 

A few months later and their IVF cycle was successful, so they are now documenting the trials and tribulations of the first trimester as they wait for the arrival of their first baby! Not only does this podcast series break down the good, the bad and the ugly of IVF – but it gives you a bunch of belly laughs along the way, some much-needed light relief when facing a tough fertility journey. 




As the name suggests – this is an ideal fertility podcast for men, offering a truly male perspective on the process of IVF. The 13 part series follows host Chris Lawson as he goes from man facing fertility struggles to father to his beautiful daughter. 

Throughout the episodes, Chris details his experience with a simple and honest approach that really helps you understand the process of IVF and the challenges that come with it. Chris also chats with the consultants and people that helped him on his journey to fatherhood.  A mix of practical advice and honest personal experience, this series is a must-listen for any man that’s about to embark on their own IVF journey. 


Test Tube Baby Podcast 


best fertility podcasts for men


Another couple on an IVF journey are Miranda Burns and Tristan Hall, who have documented their whole experience – from diagnosis to a successful cycle (they are now about halfway through their pregnancy!) – in the awesome Test Tube Baby podcast. 

In their early twenties, and only 6 months into their relationship, Miranda and Tristan were declared medically infertile, but they have beaten the odds and the podcast is an empowering journey of hope that will inspire any couple going through the same thing. Peppered with hilarious and honest anecdotes (including Tristain’s experience of getting his sperm tested) this pod is perfect for anyone wanting to feel uplifted and hopeful – as they showcase the light at the end of the tunnel of infertility.  


The Male Infertility Podcast 



We couldn’t write a list about the best fertility podcasts for men and not include the Male Infertility Podcast! Whilst the podcast technically ended last year, the back catalogue of interviews is a treasure trove for any guy struggling to become a Dad. 

The conversation around male infertility has come a long way recently, but this podcast was a real pioneer of having tough conversations about this subject in public. From azoospermia to donor sperm, no topic is left unturned and the people host Nick speaks to all give heartwarming and honest accounts of their experience. A great podcast to listen to if you want to feel less alone. 


My Surrogacy Journey Podcast 



There are so many ways to build a family and surrogacy can be an incredible option for same-sex and heterosexual couples alike. Couple Wes and Michael Johnson-Ellis went through their own surrogacy journey to have their two beautiful children – and now they want to help others do the same. Wes and Michae,l along with co-ost Anna Buxton chat, share their own experience as well as chatting to experts and others who have experienced surrogacy – from all perspectives. 

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone who is considering surrogacy as an option and is an extension of the incredible My Surrogacy Journey platform that helps both surrogates and intended parents get the support they need at every stage of the surrogacy process.



Baby Fever Podcast 



Another real-life couple sharing their road to parenthood is Trey Jones and Astrid Burke. Unlike some of the other couple podcasts on this list, Trey and Astrid are pretty early on in their fertility journey – and preconception health is a huge focus of this pod! 

Each episode is dedicated to a different topic – from cycle tracking to prenatal vitamins –  and the couple even discusses other important (but often overlooked) topics like preparing for parenthood mentally and financially. Along the way, they chat to both experts and friends, in an attempt to learn all they can about fertility and babies, before taking the plunge themselves! They recently dedicated a whole episode to male fertility after watching our recent webinar with Mira – thanks for the shot out Trey! 


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