The ExSeed Semen Quality Score

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How does semen quality and chance of reaching pregnancy correlate?

We have designed the Semen Quality Score system for our at-home sperm test so you can better understand the quality of your sperm and your chances of reaching pregnancy with your partner. Semen quality is indicative of a male’s ability to reproduce (fecundity), in addition to being linked to overall health [1].

Several studies have shown that the best predictor of natural conception is the Total Motile Sperm Count (TMSC) rather than single parameters such as concentration or motility. Indeed, improvements in TMSC are associated with an improved cumulative probability of conception and shortened time to conception [1-10]. This is why our test focuses on total motile sperm count as this is the indicator that best predicts chance of natural pregnancy – figure 1.

Figure 1 – Estimated conception rates and time-to-conception based on total progressive motile sperm count (million).

ExSeed Semen Quality Score

After carrying out scientific research in collaboration with fertility specialists, we believe the best way to assess a man’s fertility potential is through his Total Motile Sperm Count (TMSC). This is an indicator comprised of the individual parameters of volume of the ejaculate, concentration of sperm cells, and their progressive motility (how well they swim).

Here is a table of the WHO reference values for individual parameters we measure:

Our At-Home Test accurately measures these parameters and calculates your TMSC, then categorizing the TMSC as either “Below normal” or “Normal”:

The TMSC indicates how high your chance of pregnancy is, presented as a single figure. Your result will be categorized using the above groupings into “Below normal” and “Normal” for clarity. Figure 1 shows how different ranges of total motile sperm count affect chance of pregnancy.

In the below table you can see the estimated probability of conception per ovulation cycle for three different groups of TMSC:

TMSC range with chance of pregnancy per cycle table - ExSeed

A prerequisite for the chance of pregnancy is that you have regular intercourse with your partner on the days when she has her ovulation (fertile window), and provided she has a regular menstruation cycle. If this is not the case, your partner should consult a medical doctor for examination while you focus on improving/maintaining your semen quality. If you or your partner has any medical issues, we suggest seeking a medical doctor prior to “project baby-making” since it could reduce your chances of pregnancy.

For a sperm cell to properly reach the female egg and fertilize it, it needs more functions than what we measure. Go to our Journey of Sperm article to read more about the specific functions.

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