ExSeed Multi

Formulé par des spécialistes de la fertilité

Start your fertility journey with ExSeed

1 month supply (60 capsules)

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Contains all the important nutrients that are proven to support your body’s natural reproductive health.

1 month supply (60 capsules)

ExSeed multi


How to take it?

Prendre 2 gélules par jour de préférence avec un de vos repas. 

If you are already taking any other medication including those for fertility then it is essential you discuss the use of ExSeed Multi with your doctor/health practitioner first.

Ne pas dépasser la dose recommandée.

Precautions: Not intended for use by person under the age of 18 years old.  


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Amazing device, newest technology and excellent service

I bought the device recently – amazing technology. The device is easy to use together with your smart phone and if need be some good stepwise instructions and video clips. I have only used their online services once and the (fast) response was very useful. I can recommend the device and the company (Exseed Health) behind. Torben

Anders Bengtson

During the corona

During the corona, my partner and I were advised that I took a fertility test at home before deciding on what to do in regards to our fertility. The ordering of the test was smooth, and I received a result with a video attached that I could show to my GP. The GP had a look at the test and could confirm the test result, that I have plenty of swimmers!

Backed by science

The Science

Zinc supplementation can improve sperm parameters and increase pregnancy outcome.

Les hommes hypofertiles prenant du zinc et de l'acide folique ont démontré une augmentation significative du 74% dans le nombre total de spermatozoïdes.

A combination of antioxidants has been shown to decrease oxidative stress and lower DNA fragmentation

La L-carnitine est cruciale pour le développement des spermatozoïdes - de faibles niveaux sont en corrélation avec un faible nombre de spermatozoïdes, une mauvaise motilité et des formes anormales plus élevées.

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