Simple Resolutions For Improved Sperm Health


New Year’s resolutions can be a great way of setting goals and good intentions – but make them too hard to stick to and you’re destined for disappointment. As with all habits, making small manageable changes is a more sustainable way to better yourself – and your fertility. 

If you’re looking to improve your sperm health in 2023, check out these 5 resolutions that can help you take a step in the right direction! 


Moderate your alcohol intake 


You may be on the Dry Jan bandwagon right now, but staying sober all year round might be a bit of a stretch. When it comes to alcohol and fertility, there is a debate about how much boozing impacts the male side of things. Whilst women who are trying to conceive are recommended to give up drinking all together (largely because they could end up consuming alcohol when they don’t know they are in the early stages of pregnancy) for guy’s the advice is a bit more relaxed. 

The fact is that a few beers now and again shouldn’t have a negative impact on your sperm health – but excessive binge drinking could cause some damage. If you enjoy a drink, why not make 2023 the year of moderation, rather than putting too much pressure on yourself to go tee-total. A great way to do this is to alternate between alcoholic beers and non-alcoholic drinks when you’re enjoying a night out. Swapping between the two will halve your alcohol intake – and your hangover – and will also stop you from getting so drunk that you make other poor decisions that could negatively affect your fertility (aka smoking your mates’ cigarettes and ordering a 2am kebab). We’ve rounded up some of our favourite alcohol-free-beers right here.  


Go to bed an hour earlier 


If you’re anything like us, your sleep pattern will have gone completely out the window during the Christmas break. Having a few late nights and lie-ins is totally normal during this time but it could be playing havoc with your health – and your fertility. 

A Danish study showed that men who get 8 hours of sleep a night were almost 3 times more likely to have healthy sperm compared to men who got less than 7, so a simple change of going to bed an hour earlier than usual could give your swimmers a much-needed boost! Hitting the hay earlier can also help improve the quality of your sleep. We so often spend the last hour before bed being stimulated by our phone screens, or other distractions around the house, which can make it harder to fall asleep and lead to a restless night. Creating a healthy bedtime routine of no tech, dimmed lights and relaxing music or meditations can go a long way to improving your sleep – and your sperm health. 


“Many people underestimate how sleep helps your body keep hormonal balance, it’s why it’s very important for fertility. Men produce testosterone (the prominent hormone in sperm production) while sleeping. This means that sleeping too little reduces the release of testosterone and thereby may also decrease healthy sperm production. It is important that males get between 6-8 hours of sleep every day” 

Dr Fatin Willendrup, Head of Medical Affairs at ExSeed Health


Get moving outside 


The New Year comes with a lot of pressure to focus on fitness goals. Whilst any exercise is great for sperm health, you are more likely to build up your fitness – and enjoy the process! – if you set a realistic goal that’s fairly easy to achieve. 

Why not commit to going for a 30-minute run or walk each day? Running is great for your overall health and can definitely help to improve your fertility. Research shows obese and overweight men are likely to have lower sperm counts than guys with a healthier BMI – and running is one of the best ways to lose those extra pounds you may have added over the festive period. It’s also great for improving circulation – which comes in very handy when you need a rush of blood to your baby-making bits.  The added benefit of exercising outside is that you get some sunlight in your life. This not only will help improve your mental wellbeing and sleep hygiene but it’s also great news for your swimmers. Studies have found that men with a Vitamin D deficiency are more likely to experience fertility issues and that high levels could help improve sperm production and motility! 


Reduce the number of takeaways you’re eating 


Now, we’re not telling you to delete your Deliveroo app completely – but limiting your takeaway intake is a simple step to improved sperm health. There are many sperm superfoods you can eat to help increase sperm count and motility but the foundation of a good fertility diet is loading up on whole foods. This basically means that you want to be eating foods that aren’t processed and look pretty much the same as they do when they leave the farm – we’re talking fresh fruit and vegetables and lean meats that haven’t been messed with. Studies have highlighted a link between processed meats and lower sperm count and motility – so it’s definitely something worth cutting out. 

When you order a takeaway, it’s really hard to know exactly what you’re eating – and how fresh and healthy the ingredients really are. Cooking nutritious, homemade meals is an easy way to keep track of what’s going into your body and gives you total control over the food you’re consuming. Consider limiting yourself to a couple of takeaways a month and then commit to getting your Jamie Oliver on at home the rest of the time. Your swimmers and your overall health will thank you for it! 


Get your sperm tested 


If you’re at the start of your fertility journey, there’s a chance you have never even thought about your sperm health. If you’ve been trying for a while, then maybe you’re starting to consider if your sperm quality could be impacting your chances of getting pregnant. Either way, it’s very common for men to put their heads in the sand about their own fertility and avoid finding out what’s going on with their swimmers. 

We know that any kind of medical test can be a bit daunting but there are a whole host of benefits to getting your sperm tested – and we’ve made the process easier than ever. If one of your resolutions is to get proactive and take control of your fertility journey, then getting tested is an important first step. Not only does it help you identify any potential issues early doors, but you can also get your head around the areas that could be improved. Our at-home sperm test allows you to get to know your sperm from the comfort of your own bedroom/bathroom/wherever you fancy giving a sperm sample.


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