20 Mira Estrogen+LH Replacement Test Wands

20 Mira Estrogen+LH Replacement Test Wands

The simple disposable urine test Wands accurately track Estrogen-Estradiol Metabolite (E3G) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) to identify both fertile and infertile days. Must be used together with the Mira Analyzer.
20 replacement wands to be used with the Mira Analyzer.
Single-use. 99% accurate. Shows 6 fertile days.
Ergonomic design. Helps to increase the chances of conception.
Works for irregular cycles, PCOS or hormone imbalance.

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Mira Fertility Plus is a Game Changer!

The Estrogen hormone is a key component in understanding your cycle. With Mira Fertility Plus, you are able to see your Estrogen and LH levels, know your cycle phases, hormone patterns, and all fertile days and infertile days.

Know Your Ovulation Earlier
Track your whole cycle and what is happening with your hormones. Get a larger fertile window (6 days) and clear insights

Get Numeric Hormone Data
Not just knowing the absolute number of LH and Estrogen levels, but also their trend and relationship to each other.

Applicable for all fertility goals
No matter if you are trying to conceive or trying to avoid pregnancy, Mira Fertility Plus finds full fertile and infertile windows.

Uncover Your Unique Hormone Patterns
Be navigated by personalized insights from the App and dedicated cycle analysis from the support team

Included in your Box
of 20 Mira Plus Test

Included in your Box of 20 Mira Plus Test Wands:

20 Individually Packaged Single-Use Mira Fertility Plus Test Wands
User Manual
Quickstart Guide: Step-by-step instructions for everything you need to get started with Mira
20 Urine Containers

Why Track Estrogen and LH together?

Estrogen is an integral part of the fertility process. Tracking both hormones allows detecting the full fertile window and ovulation. These hormone levels are related to IVF, menopause, hormone imbalances such as PCOS, and other conditions. They are more than fertility tracking.