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New App Results Classification

As you know, here at ExSeed we are all about making the process of male fertility testing faster, easier and less overwhelming. Our at-home sperm test allows you to test your sperm in the comfort of your own home, get your results in minutes and instantly have access to a wealth of advice that can help you improve your sperm quality if you need to.

We are constantly dedicated to evolving our platform and we’re really excited to share the latest developments on our app’s results page. So, what’s new?

Change of results terminology

If you’ve used our test and app before you’ll remember that our results take into consideration three key sperm quality factors – semen volume (how much semen you produce in an ejaculate), sperm concentration (the number of sperm cells/ml in your sample) and sperm motility (how many of your sperm are moving in a healthy way!). We take all of these factors into consideration to give you an overall result – the Total Motile Sperm Count . This is widely considered to be the best indicators of male fertility – you can learn more about Total Motile Sperm Count here.

Previously, our results were ‘graded’ into three categories – Low, Moderate and Optimal. However, in the latest update, we have aligned our classification with industry standards to make it as clear as possible to interpret. Now your results will be classified as ‘Below Normal’ or ‘Normal’. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

More comprehensive results page

But it’s not just our results classification that’s evolved – the whole results page has had a makeover! You can now access an array of useful functions all on the same screen, making it quicker and easier to navigate between key features from one place.

One of our user’s favorite aspects of the ExSeed app is that you receive personalized recommendations for ways to improve your sperm health. By taking a short in-app assessment, you can understand which lifestyle factors could be reducing the quality of your sperm health – from smoking to not exercising enough. Following our latest update, these recommendations will be available directly from the results page, so you can spend less time scrolling through the app and more time getting healthier!

We also recognise that a lot of our users need to sent their results outside of the app, such as when they want to share their fertility health overview with a doctor or clinic.

From our new results page, you can now download and share your full fertility health report in a single tap. This not only includes your Total Motile Sperm Count (and a breakdown of the related individual parameters) but also your overall health and lifestyle information you’ve inputted, making it a useful all-in-one fertility health report.

In addition to this, you’ll see we’ve brought the info about your sperm color and abstinence time to the results page for your ease of reference and convenience.

Download your sperm sample video

Lastly, you can now download the video of your sperm sample directly from our results page. When you use the ExSeed test and app, our patented device will use your smartphone camera to zoom in 200 times onto your sperm sample and capture a video of how your sperm cells are moving. Yeah – it’s pretty cool.

This video sits on the app so our algorithm can assess your sperm parameters in minutes – and it also means our in-house experts can get a good look at it if you need a second opinion. However, thanks to our app upgrade you can now easily download the video yourself so you can share it with your doctors, and fertility experts or even stick it on your social media if you fancy it. It’s your sperm selfie – you can do what you like with it!

We are excited to finally release this update and would love to hear your feedback! If you have any questions or thoughts on our new results page, drop us an email at [email protected]. New to the whole sperm testing thing? Learn more about our at-home test here.

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