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Fertility Clinic

Bolster your offering by providing ExSeed home tests to your patients. Buy our kits to distribute them to your patients as you wish, or provide your patients with discount codes for them to order directly through our web store. Get access to the data from patients’ home testing.

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Quick, convenient testing that saves you time

Our home tests offer a fast and straightforward solution to remote testing, perfect for patients or customers abroad, or who simply prefer testing at home. We facilitate this virtually and provide expert support along the way, helping to free up your time.

Results you can trust with CE medical device certification

Acknowledged and CE marked as lab standard, the ExSeed Home Sperm Test Kit measures TMSC with a >95% accuracy; it’s all you need as a professional to evaluate a patient’s fertility at the first level.

Smart integrations for your clinic or business

As a clinic, get access to your patients’ test data from a dedicated dashboard and track changes to their results. Offer another service that compliments ExSeed? We can showcase your offering to our users.

5 reasons why your patients will love ExSeed

Discrete, at-home testing, where no samples are sent off
Results in just 15 minutes, plus expert guidance on hand
Free, personalised lifestyle program to improve sperm quality
Easy access to nearby fertility clinics for further support
Ability to send a comprehensive report to their doctor

The tech that empowers you

Clinically-proven technology with a core focus on validity
Advanced cloud system allows for deep tech integration
Highly accurate image recognition algorithms
Systems that interpret user data and generate personalised guidance
Integration with partner clinics provides telemedicine and connects fertility specialists

Meet the ExSeed  Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Allan Pacey MBE

Professor of Andrology at the University of Sheffield, also heading up the Department of Oncology and Metabolism and the Department of Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease. Prof. Pacey has published several papers exploring facets of male fertility, and has conducted work that led to the development of a new sperm diagnostic test.

Research Interests

  • Biology of human spermatozoa
  • Semen quality and fertility in males
  • Effects of STIs on sperm function
  • Occupational and Environmental influences of semen quality

The role of the  Scientific Advisory Board

The ExSeed Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is a community of international scientific professionals working in the life science and within male fertility. The SAB board members have been selected because of their broad knowledge on male fertility, scientific achievements and experience with sperm analysis.

How the  SAB helps us

It’s vital for us that our test kits, supplements, lifestyle programs and more, are developed and tested with a solid scientific understanding. Our offering is informed by the brightest minds within male fertility, reproductive health, deep learning and visual recognition, and enables us to provide the best service to our patients throughout their fertility journeys.

Results you can trust

We have conducted clinical trials to validate the ExSeed system and it has been found to be equivalent in performance to the leading laboratory-based CASA systems.

With an accuracy of over 95%, the Exseed sperm home analysis has the same validity as Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis, producing an analysis you can trust.

ExSeed vs  other home sperm tests

Our test kit is unrivalled in combining accuracy and support with convenience and discretion.
We’re the only entirely-at-home sperm test that measures Total Motile Sperm Count.

Directive 98/79/EC
regarding In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices (IVD):

Medical certificates

In December 2019, our ExSeed Test Kit received CE certification as a medical device.

This means that we meet the essential requirement of the medical device directive and are approved to sell and advertise our ExSeed device as an in-vitro diagnostics medical device.

Scientific publications

ExSeed has been featured in numerous medical publications:

How we measure sperm

Our at-home test measures the Total Motile Sperm Count (TMSC).

This is the total amount of sperm cells moving forward per ejaculate. This number is one of the best predictors of male fertility because it measures the amount of sperm cells that could possibly reach the egg after intercourse.

The TMSC score incorporates three measurements: volume, concentration (ie. sperm count/ml), and motility.

See your sample footage

Study #1

Lifestyle intervention study for potential sperm donors together with our partner the European Sperm Bank.

Study #2

Prospective single center lifestyle intervention study with Prof. Peter Humaidan at Skive Fertility Clinic in Denmark.

Clinical collaborations and trials

We are honored to collaborate with some of the leading academic and research institutions in fertility to design and clinically validate our products and services.

The clinical team led by our Head of Medical Affairs, Dr. Fatin Willendrup, has worked to initiate the following clinical studies:

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Here's what some of our Partners are saying

Patients, in general, find the experience of testing with the ExSeed Device at home to be fun and humorous, which contrasts the often-stressful environment of testing in a fertility clinic for male patients”.
George Koustas

Director of Embryology & Quality Manager.
Agora Fertility Clinic

We would rather work with ExSeed, than against you!”
Dr. Jon Hausken

Medical Director and CEO, Klinikk Hausken

We are supporting the use of this app and sperm test platform for men considering fertility treatment. This enables them in a proper, reliable way to access their fertility. A fast and secure way to get information about fertility and how to proceed if needed. Further valuable help for those just testing and aiming at improving their sperm quality.”
Professor dr. med. Svend Lindenberg

Copenhagen Fertility Center,