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Educating men about Fertility and home sperm testing.

As we launch the ExSeed home sperm test in Denmark, we thought you might like to find out more about ExSeed Health and why it will soon become your go-to app for all male fertility topics.

What is ExSeed Health?

Having launched in January 2019, the ExSeed Health aims to become the leading home fertility test and app. ExSeed Health is available on iOS and Android phones and can be purchased directly from our website and selected partners. We aim to provide reliable, accurate, and fast results about your sperm quality from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Coupled with this you will get straightforward and personalized advice on your health.

Is male fertility a big issue?

The social stigma for men and health is evident across society. Take mental health for example; in only a few years through government campaigns, charity work, and even royal family members being involved as advocates, we have seen a societal shift for this to become much more accepted. We have set out to do the same for male infertility! In 40% of infertile couples, the cause of not being able to conceive is male related. This is something we need to start having an open dialogue about, as well as normalizing the discussion about male reproductive health.

With ExSeed Health’s home sperm test, we provide you with a platform to empower, educate, and inform you from the privacy of your own home. With access to our in-house fertility professionals and scientifically backed Lifestyle Program, we aim to change the way fertility treatment is currently approached by focussing on the early steps that men and couples can take to achieve their pregnancy goals.

How does ExSeed Health work?

After receiving the ExSeed Health device, follow the simple instructions on how to get your sperm sample analyzed with the help of the ExSeed app. It only takes a few minutes before your sperm cells will appear on your phone where you will be able to see the sperm cells swim in the sample. With a Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA), your sperm will be tested accurately in a few seconds and the result will appear on the phone.

How is ExSeed Health different from other sperm tests? 

Our test is easy to carry out and the app interface is intuitive to follow. Our test will assess your Total Motile Sperm Count (TSMC) by measuring your volume, sperm count, and sperm motility as accurately as most fertility clinics. Such a comprehensive home test simply doesn’t exist elsewhere.  Furthermore, the ExSeed app will provide you with all the latest scientifically backed articles and advice you need for semen quality improvement.

What is the Lifestyle program?

The Lifestyle Program is a completely personalized program created to change your fertility status in a natural way and it’s based on the latest scientific data related to lifestyle and infertility. This program focuses on, among others, nutrition, exercise, supplements, and stress, and guides you on how simple lifestyle changes can significantly improve your sperm quality and overall health.

Giving you the accurate guidance on how to improve your sperm quality or maintain a high quality of life is paramount to us at ExSeed Health, so before starting the program you will be asked to answer questions about your personal health, lifestyle, and fertility history.  You will then be shown your personalized advice and guidance.

What happens after?

We want you to set goals and achieve them! Just like when trying to achieve any goal in life, you will need support – and this is no different. On top of the individual program, ExSeed offers you online coaching as an essential tool to achieve success with reaching your fertility goals.

Through personalized guidance and video chat, we will give you the support and tools to help on your journey – whether it is to improve general health, increase sperm parameters, or succeed in conceiving with your partner. Each session will be tailored to your personal needs and current situation.

Our mission and services are broken down into four parts:

  • Self-care planning
  • Meal and nutrition planning
  • Track and empower
  • Medical support

Our team is composed of expert nutritionists, reproductive biologists, and medical doctors who will guide you step by step to make sure you are getting the right information for optimal results.

We’re excited about the future of male reproductive health and we hope you’ll be a part of it with us.

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